• (Palma, 1972)
  • Genre: comic

In 1993, after publishing his comics in several fanzines, he began drawing Las cansiones de Ossifar weekly comic strip and then El oriquen de todas las cosas for Diario de Mallorca for 5 years. In 1995, toghether with Xabi Uriz and Daniel Peixe, he created the Escápula Comics fanzine. In 1996 he got his degree as an illustrator at the Escola Superior de Disseny and started writing and drawing the popular Pau per tots daily strip for Diario de Mallorca, which he still does, and is also being published weekly in Mallorca Zeitung and CB Rundschau. This comic strip won the Haxtur prize to humour in 2009. He has also published in comic magazines such as Spirou (Belgium) and the spanish ones Nosotros Somos Los Muertos (NSLM), Dibucomics, Dibus and El Víbora.

In 2011 the publishing house Ankama Éditions started publishing his series of adventures La saga d’Atlas y Axis, that has been published in French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish and German. Do he hasn’t received any prizes, La saga d’Atlas & Axis has been a finalist of important European prizes, such as the official selection of the  Prix du FIBD Angoulême 2012, the prize BDGest as best juvenile album 2012, finalist to best Spanish Author of the Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona 2012, finalist of National Comic Prize 2012, finalist of the Grand Prix des lecteurs of the Mickey Journal 2013, and to the Prize of the FIBD Angoulême 2014 from the schools. In June 2013, Éditions Paquet published Ze Jacky Touch, written by Sti.



·Las cansiones de Ossifar, Escápula, 2015.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis III, Dibbuks, Madrid, 2014.

·La isla de las piedras, Dibbuks, Madrid, 2014.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. II, Dibukks, Madrid, 2013.

·Dibujo y pinto Perros, Hispano Europea, 2012.

·La cova des Mussol (Max, Marc Ferré), Consell Insular de Menorca, 2011.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. I, Dibukks, Madrid, 2011.

·Dibujo y pinto Dinosaurios, Hispano Europea, 2010.

·Dibujo y pinto Coches, Hispano Europea, 2010.

·Los repartidores de cerveza, Ed. Glénat, Barcelona, 2009.

·Com es fa un còmic?, Consell de Mallorca, 2005.

·Escápula, Greatests Hits, Edicions de Ponent, Alicante, 2004.

·Hazeros Inox. El grupo mítico, Recerca Ed. Manacor, 2004.

·Los repartidores de cerveza en Las vacas checenas, Inrevés Edicions, Palma, 2001.

·Escápula, Under Comic, Madrid, 1998.


·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. IV, Ankama. Paris, 2016.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. III, Ankama. Paris, 2015.

·Pépalo, magazine Spirou, Éditions Dupuis, Belgium, 2014.

·Ze Jacky Touch. Quattro n’en Faut, Éd Paquet, 2014.

·Ze Jacky Touch. Plus Bielle la vie, with Sti. Éd Paquet, Geneve, 2013.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. II, Ankama, Paris, 2013.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis, Ankama, Paris, 2011.

·Je dessine des Chiens, Vigot, 2011.

·Je dessine des Dinosaures, Vigot, 2009.

·Je dessine des Voitures, Vigot, 2008.


·La Saga de Atlas & Axis. II, Splitter Verlag, 2017.

·La Saga de Atlas & Axis, Splitter Verlag, 2016.


·Ze Jacky Touch. Doel Quattro, Strip 2000, 2016.

·Ze Jacky Touch. Slipgevaar, Strip 2000, 2015.

·De Sage van Atlas & Axis .Deel 1, Dark Dragon Books, Breda, 2013.

·De Sage van Atlas & Axis. Deel 2, Dark Dragon Books, Breda, 2013.


·Saga o Atlasie i Axisie 3, Timof, Warszawa, 2016.

·Saga o Atlasie i Axisie 2, Timof, Warszawa, 2015.

·Wyspa kamieni, Timof, Warszawa, 2014.

·Saga o Atlasie i Axisie 1, Timof, Warszawa, 2014.


·La Saga de Atlas & Axis, Titan Books, 2017.


·Atlas e Axis. Volume 2, Tunué, Latina, 2017.

·Atlas e Axis. Volume 1, Tunué, Latina, 2015.


·La Saga de Atlas & Axis, Comics Factory, 2017.



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